We are often asked about:

Are employers required to offer employee health coverage?

  • Under 50 employees no, over 50 employees yes

What's the penalty for failing to offer employee health coverage?

  • No penalty for groups under 50 employees. Over 50 — $2,000 per employee penalty, minus the first 30 employees. Then an additonal $3,000 per employee penalty if the employee obtained insurance at Healthcare.gov and qualified for a federal subsidy.

Are there subsidies available to help employers pay for employee health care coverage?

  • Yes. Federal tax credit for groups under 25. Insure Oklahoma for groups with less than 100 employees.

Does offering employee benefits really help retain experienced employees?

  • Yes. Many marketing studies have shown that it is a major factor in retaining employees.

If I have to lay off an employee, how can he or she stay covered by health insurance?

  • It is a qualifying event. They can purchase through us directly. If the group has more than 20 employees, the employee would qualify for COBRA to keep the group insurance for up to 18 months.

How much of an employee's health insurance premium has to be paid by an employer?

  • 50 percent for the employee. None for dependents.

What's the best way to replace cancelled individual health coverage?

  • Contact us to discuss your situation.

Is disability insurance coverage more important than life insurance?

  • No. They are both important.

What does "usual and customary" mean and how does it affect my health benefits?

  • The “usual and customary” fee is what an average of providers in a region charge for any visit, treatment, surgery, etc. The insurance carrier will pay contracted health care providers a percentage of a bill with the patient being responsible for the remainder. But, not responsible for any charges over “usual and customary.” Therefore, it is important to have an insurance carrier that is contracted with your specific doctors, hospitals, etc.

Is there a preferred way to change employees from one benefits plan to another?

  • Only during the open enrollment period for the group.

What's the difference between "co-insurance," deductibles and "out of pocket limits"?

  • Coinsurance is what you pay after the deductible. Deductible is what you pay first. The out of pocket limit is the combination of the deductible and your coinsurance. Once you reach that maximum out of pocket, the insurance pays 100 percent for the rest of the year. Most out of pocket limits for individuals are $6,600 if the plans are ACA compliant.

I can't find a health insurance exchange for Oklahoma, where is it?

  • It does not exist. Oklahoma uses the Federal exchange at Healthcare.gov. We can help you navigate this system and enroll you on Healthcare.gov, either in person or over the phone.

Do health care plans not on an exchange have to meet certain coverage requirements?

  • All plans have to meet the guidelines of the Affordable Care Act.

Do I still have to worry about pre-existing conditions?

  • Pre-existing conditions are no longer an issue on individual or group health insurance.

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