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You have an enterprise to manage. What you don’t have is the time and patience for sifting through a myriad of benefits regulations, bureaucratic “mumbo-jumbo” and insurance packets while trying to find some decent coverage for you and your employees.

Whether your organization has a benefits department or not, our experienced staff can save you time, effort and expense while managing an effective employee benefits program.

Carlyle is your outsourced benefits management team that stays on top of the fast changing benefits environment — so you can focus on your core business. Find out more about Carlyle’s services….

Statistics show an individual is more likely to become disabled than die. Choose from disability plans that protect you or an employee’s income.

Protect the financial wellbeing of your organization or family with life insurance policies from excellent companies offered at competitive rates.

Some of the nation’s largest dental plans give you access to broad networks composed of experienced dentists and dental specialists.

An array of healthcare coverage options which are tailored to your needs and all of which meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

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